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Our knowledge and experience has

About Us

Founded in 2013 Synergy Specialists is a marketing and consulting group hired on behalf of dental specialists catering to general dentists. Having interviewed over 200 specialists around the country, our careful selection process chooses the best and brightest specialists. Our strategic system is proven throughout the past by successfully implementing the “In House Speciality” model in over 260 offices and rapidly spreading.

Our Consulting team understands the needs of the specialists/offices and what it takes to develop a long-term relationship.

Introduction to your practice to one of our pre-screened local specialists

  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Front Office and Treatment Coordination training.
  • Front office Insurance Billing guidance
  • Facilitating Agreements for your office and the regional Synergy Specialist
  • Ensuring communication between the office and specialist needs
  • Access to our Cooperative Buying group for major discounts on supplies and restorative components

Our firm is contracted and paid by the traveling specialists so there is no cost to your office other than a proposed production percentage split with our specialists. We have a long-term goal in mind to create long-lasting relationships. The only service we offer for a fee to your practice is the credentialing which is optional. We have a full-time department with years of credentialing experience and strong relationships with the insurance panels. Our staff will complete and follow up weekly with the insurance companies until the specialty fee schedule is approved so you and your team don’t have to.

Don’t be shy, we are very eager to hear about your needs. Call us today to find out if your practice qualifies for a Synergy Specialist.

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