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Synergy Advantage is a programed launched in August of 2018 by Synergy Specialists focused on helping solo practitioners reduce the financial overheads to run their practices, & maximize the efficiency of their practices by introduction unique third party services & products offered by our participating affiliate vendors. It’s a consortium we put together including multiple vendors, manufacturers, and unique service oriented companies related to the dental space, pre-negotiated large group “DSO” type of rates. The primary two considerations we take when onboarding a new vendor affiliate includes asking ourselves: “Does this company set itself apart from the other participating vendors?”. Additionally, “does this company bring a either a financial savings or enhance practice efficiency to our Synergy members”.

This program is at zero cost to participating offices and specialists.

Our qualifying criterias in choosing to bring on board and endorse a new vendor affiliate entails asking ourselves the following.

  • Will this manufacturer cannibalize existing business for our current vendor relationships?
  • Does this vendor have a quality product line Synergy can stamp their name behind?
  • What sort of pricing can this vendor offer our individual specialists and offices, they normally would not be able to obtain through traditional purchasing channels?

How the details of The Synergy Advantage Program works.

  • Bill to & Ship to would be from your individual practice(s) completely under your own account number.
  • Synergy Advantage will send you regular alerts on new vendor affiliates coming on board, or special additional promotions from any of the existing third party vendor affiliates.
  • Synergy will submit your practice contact information to each one of the participating affiliate notifying your practice as a participating Synergy member. Existing account numbers or sales rep you have with any of the participating vendor affiliates remains the same. The assigned or new representatives commission will not differ given the additional set discounts.

Participating Synergy Advantage Affiliated Vendors

Nobel Biocare, Ace Surgical, Pearson Dental Supply, Vatech USA, DESS,, J & J Instruments, DentalProdX, TSYS.

Participating Host Offices or Specialists registered with Synergy Specialists or The Synergy Academy do not need to register with Synergy Advantage. We are happy to arrange an introduction to our dedicated contact at any one of the participating vendor affiliates. If you are new to Synergy, and are interested in enrolling into The Synergy Advantage program and our vendor promotions alert emails, you may do so by clicking here.
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