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Our Mission: To fully support and integrate premier dental
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Synergy Specialists Pre-Screens and connects you with traveling dental specialists in your region. Our goal is to allow you to treat your patient specialty cases right in your own office.

Enjoy the benefits of bringing an In-House Dental Specialist into your practice instead of referring out your specialty cases.


Synergy Specialists is a support group contracted with over 100 travelling dental specialists nationwide. We introduce specialists to your practice, and assist as a resource center with the goal to guide you in keeping your specialty referrals in your own dental practice.

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Our Promise to Your Practice

  • 1
    Top Rated Specialists
  • 2
    Front office coaching
  • 3
    Pre-Screened Specialists
  • 4
    Comprehensive patient treatment
  • 5
    Credentialing panels for specialty fee schedules
  • 6
    Increased production
These are just a few reasons why we have successfully helped team up over 260 dental offices with our specialists.

Benefits to Your Practice

Higher Standard of Patient Care
Higher Standard of Patient Care
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Increased Production
Increased Production

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