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Our knowledge and experience has

About Us

Synergy Specialists is a nationwide support agency contracting with dental specialists marketing the concept of “In-House Specialty” to general dentists, facilitating as a matchmaker and servicing the relationship throughout.

Our footprint stems to over 200 specialists across the nation, with over 160 GP dental practices we help to service on behalf of our registered specialists.

Our experienced administrative team helps handle guiding the front office manager and acts as a consultative resource in helping to nurture the match.

What Synergy Specialists does to help service the relationship

  • Insurance Credentialing (Optional through Synergy)
  • Front Office and Treatment Coordination learning.
  • Specialty Insurance Billing guidance
  • Facilitating Agreements between your office and our Synergy Specialist
  • Bridging communication obstacles between the office and specialist
  • Complimentary access to The Synergy Advantage Program.

Don’t be shy! We are very eager to hear about your needs. Call us today to find out if your practice qualifies for a Synergy Specialist.

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