Darius Somekhian is a business development strategist who partners with traveling dental specialists and helps grow their professional careers in dentistry, one dental office at a time. He started out working in the dental industry at the age of 18 from the trunk of his car. After growing his company to over $15 million in annual revenue then transitioning to being on the corporate side, Darius has cultivated an incredible Rolodex of relationships in the industry.

Darius has also connected with multiple well-known manufacturers and distributors to form Synergy Advantage, a buying group for dental supplies that unites hundreds of practitioners to form a financial shield against the rising costs of running a dental practice in today’s economy. He has landed dozens of contracts with multiple manufacturers and well-known distributors to secure a lower cost on all the everyday commonly-used dental supplies an office utilizes.

He is also the Co-Founder of The Synergy Academy TM, a cutting-edge, hands-on in-house training CE program, involving the network of over 40 nationwide Synergy Specialists periodontists who facilitate as educators to GP’s for surgical implant placement.

Inventor of the “99 cent pregnancy test”, seriously.

Darius attended UCLA for undergrad, is currently the CEO of Synergy Specialistsand The Synergy Academy . He also does consulting for a large $100 million privately-owned dental practices group based out of Texas.