Treat orthodontic patients IN YOUR PRACTICE.

Hire An Experienced Orthodontist For Your Dental Practice

Bringing an experienced Orthodontist onboard your practice has never been easier. Synergy Specialists is a marketing & consulting group hired on behalf of dental specialists, such as Orthodontists, looking to team up with general dentists. Since we started in 2013, our agency has interviewed over 200 specialists around the country, selecting the best and brightest specialists to work with your team. Our strategic system is a proven success implementing the “In-House Speciality” model in over 260 offices and rapidly spreading.

Our Consulting team understands the needs of the Orthodontists and GPs and what it takes to develop a long term relationship.

We provide services beyond introducing your practice to one of our pre-screened local orthodontic specialists.

  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Front Office and Treatment Coordination training.
  • Front office Insurance Billing guidance
  • Facilitating Agreements for your office and the regional Synergy Specialist
  • Ensuring communication between the office and specialist needs
  • Access to our Cooperative Buying group for major discounts on supplies and restorative components

Our firm is contracted and paid by the travelling specialists so there is no cost to your office other than a proposed production percentage split with our specialists. We have a long term goal in mind to create long lasting relationships. Our only fee to your practice is the credentialing which we have a full time department with years of experience and strong relationships with the insurance panels. Our staff will complete and follow up weekly with the insurance companies until the speciality fee schedule is approved.

Don’t be shy, we are very eager to hear about your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

Do we need to worry about workers comp and malpractice Insurance?2018-05-31T23:17:42+00:00

Your specialist is treated as an independent contractor of your office. They each carry a minimum $2,000,000 of liability insurance.  Your office does not need to purchase additional liability insurance as a result.

What is the Terms of Service?2018-05-31T23:52:28+00:00

The Terms of Service is a disclosure that Synergy Specialists emails out to all parties. It serves as a written understanding of the relationship between you and the Orthodontist matched. A sample template of the Terms of Service can be viewed by clicking here.

When do I pay my specialist?2018-03-05T21:13:26+00:00

Orthodontist expectation is to get paid within 10 days from the production date unless otherwise arranged. Payments are made payable to your specialist as stated in our Terms of Service Email. Specialists do not accept credit card as a form of payment. The remittance address for the payment will also be indicated in The Terms of Service. The Synergy Team will contact your office manager via email to procure the production report(s), then submit to your office an invoice on behalf of the Orthodontist.

What are the UCR cash rates?2018-05-31T23:53:37+00:00

Our specialists have researched and compared the rates in your market and will have these UCR Fees prepared for your office. Typically UCR rates of all specialists are always higher than a general dentist’s UCR schedule.

Who does the insurance billing?2018-03-05T21:12:01+00:00

Billing is rendered by your practice, under your corporation tax ID number, utilizing the specialists NPI #. Orthodontist typically goes In-Network with the office plans you are currently enrolled under.

How do I get started?2018-03-05T21:11:27+00:00
  1. Contact Synergy so we can discuss your office needs and qualify your practice to bring in an Orthodontist.
  2. Synergy will arrange for an interview with one of our pre-screened orthodontists at your office.
  3. Schedule an initial start day lining up consults. (8 – 10 Consults).
  4. Submit the insurance types and names to Synergy so we can begin the credentialing. (Optional to take the burden off your staff’s hands)
  5. Access our complimentary resource center for education material on developing and cultivating Ortho within your practice.
How does the scheduling work?2018-03-05T21:10:26+00:00

General scheduling guidelines will be discussed between you and the orthodontist prior to the initial start date together.

Why would you refer out so much production?2018-03-05T21:09:53+00:00

Your production is only going to increase by two methods. You can either advertise to bring in new patients or increase the revenue from your existing patients. Sending out referrals can add up to thousands of dollars per month. The average dental office sends out about $120,000 per year in production through referrals.

How does it work with assistants?2018-03-05T21:09:14+00:00

The host office agrees to facilitate having all the dental assistants covered and having the chairside orthodontic assistant to be experienced in changing of patients ligature ties for follow up check up. If you need help securing an experienced orthodontic assistant please reach out to Synergy Specialists, consider Synergy a resource for your practice.

Do I need a Pan / Ceph in my own office?2018-03-05T21:07:58+00:00

Although it’s not required we recommend having a Pan / Ceph unit in your own practice. If you do not have a Pan Ceph in your office a directory of all the imaging centers we have sourced is available by clicking here.

What supplies do I need to have for the Orthodontist?2018-03-05T21:06:58+00:00

Typically the host office purchases all the ortho specific supplies and instruments. Synergy Specialists has negotiated heavy discounts with several manufacturers and distributors to reduce the cost of the initial investment.

What assurance do I have that the orthodontist will not leave my practice before finishing all the cases started?2018-03-05T21:06:20+00:00

One of the major benefits of working with Synergy Specialists is you are working with a network, not just the individual orthodontist we help match for your office. Synergy Specialists provides assurance to you as the owner doctor, in the event there is a disconnect with your orthodontist we will help by introducing additional candidate(s) to come and take over the cases and continue the relationship.

How many days of ortho does a my practice need?2018-03-05T21:04:30+00:00

The formula to calculate ortho days is based on active ortho patients. We take the total number of active patients, divide by 48 (16 activations per treatment column in 8 hours x 3 chairs). Regardless of new patients. So on a 1000 active ortho patients, (not retainers), you should have 16 to 20 ortho days per year or 1 to 2 ortho days per month.

How often should I bring in an Orthodontist to my practice?2018-03-05T21:01:17+00:00

Typically with a new ortho program, you should start with one day a month. Half the consults don’t end up showing up, and if you can bring in 3 to 5 on the first day, that’s a good start. Keep one day a month until that day becomes a full consult day, and another day should be dedicated to production. This will give new patients a good welcoming the first day.

How much does the Orthodontist cost?2018-03-05T17:28:11+00:00

The orthodontist is under the expectation to be paid a per diem of their choosing, ranging between $1400.00 and $2000.00 per day. The rate is determined by their experience and number of available days to travel. Additionally, each new start per case the Orthodontist is to receive a bonus of $100.00 per new case start.

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