Pacific Ortho Partnership

New Opportunity for General Dentists to Offer Orthodontics in Their Practices – Ensure Continuity of Care and Up Their Productivity


It is crucial for general dentists today to increase convenience for patients and grow their practices’ value in every feasible way. One method of achieving these goals is to offer orthodontics.

But most general dentists are limited in their orthodontic services, able only to provide basic aligner systems. Now, even these offerings are being chipped away by competition from direct mail order aligners. Bringing an orthodontist into their practice as a partner can solve this issue, but that approach comes with its own pitfalls such as performing credentialing and scrambling to cover if the orthodontist leaves the practice.


There is a way for GPs to offer full orthodontic treatment and avoid many hazards inherent in the traditional practice arrangement of partnering with an orthodontist. With Pacific Orthodontic, GPs will be able to offer more services to their patients and minimize hassle.

The Pacific Ortho model connects GPs with orthodontists. These orthodontists see scheduled patients at the GP’s practice, bringing their own equipment. This system allows the GP to free up their time, enabling them to see more patients or grow their practice in other ways. The general dentist will not be losing valuable hours ordering orthodontic supplies, learning orthodontic procedures, or performing administrative tasks associated with orthodontic patients.


If a partner orthodontist exits, that transition can cause a host of problems. Patients are left without orthodontic care, eroding their trust in the practice and leading to resentment and negative reviews. As an orthodontic case can easily last 18 to 24 months, these disruptions are very real dangers.

But orthodontists that sign on with Pacific Ortho have partnered with the company rather than a specific general dentist. In the event an orthodontist transitions out of a practice, Pacific Ortho has an extensive network of orthodontists who are ready to step in. It’s a seamless system that guarantees patients and GP’s will never be left hanging.


Having an orthodontist in-house provides more than just being able to offer braces. Orthodontists can assist with procedures including veneers, implants, and occlusal alignment to enhance patient care. Meanwhile, GPs work side-by-side with a specialist and learn from the experience.


Pacific Orthodontics is looking to partner with high-quality GPs to enhance their practice profile and grow their production. We offer GP’s a turnkey solution that covers all aspects of an orthodontics operation, including billing and supplies. There’s little admin work for the GP, few to no overhead costs, and practices can quickly grow their orthodontic patient base while allowing the GP to keep their focus on running their practice.

To learn more about working with an in-house orthodontist, send an email to Pacific Ortho, visit the website at, or call 310-612-0787 today.