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Synergy Specialists is seeking specialists to come on board our network. Specialists within the disciple of Oral SurgeryPeriodontics, and Endodontics. We welcome new grads and seasoned specialists to come on board. Many of our specialists are seasoned and have been practicing in their own private offices, or are new graduates from programs all over the country.

Synergy Specialists is affiliated with private practices only, not large groups. You can enjoy the flexibility of organized patient schedules, and an organized office environment that is accommodating to your needs. Our focus is on marketing to a large group of GP practices across the western United States, sifting through our leads finding the best types of dental offices, and facilitating the interview with us together and the owner dentist. Our team will coach the front office on running all the pertinents of the specialists day’s including:

  • Specialty Billing
  • Treatment Coordinating Tactics
  • Scheduling Guidelines
  • Production Goal Expectations
  • Per Diems
  • Production Report and Payment Collections on behalf of the specialists
  • Front office Mentorship
  • Supply ordering instructions

We’re looking for specialists who are comfortable travelling within an hour of their residence. If you are interested in speaking with one of our team members please feel free to contact us using the form below or feel free to email us on info@SynergySpecialists.com.


Download TDIC Risk Management Reference Guide

Why have the heavy load and responsibility of owning and operating your own specialty practice, when you can have the convenience of picking and choosing your day’s out of each month to see the existing patients of a busy and trusted GP office. This has been the trend for over a decade now. It has been perceived that building a practice over a long period of time is a good financial source. In actuality according to many of our specialists who have sold their office, they have only been able to get 90 cents on the dollar of prior years collections, minus any loans outstanding. General dentists refer to a particular specialists , and not the specialty practice. Therefore when the specialist they are familiar leaves so do the referrals. As a result many specialists become disappointed at the end of their careers when the value of their practice is not worth as such as they hoped for initially. At Synergy Specialists we have become a hub of many of our specialists which have been in private practice and currently travelling, we are more than happy to put you in touch with any of our other specialists to find out about their experience.

Specialty Mentorship: Many specialists when they graduate their specialty residency, they have nowhere to turn to as they had previously. That is one of the reasons why Synergy Specialists was founded. From the day after graduation our specialists who join our team on their day’s off go along with a senior specialist. They get to see what equipment is needed, the set up, the workflow of the office and all the pertinent. This system makes it an easier transition for the new specialist. We call it “The Synergy Mentorship Program”. Furthermore we believe in everything being within your comfort level. Many corporate offices place an emphasis on production and heavy schedules. Synergy rejects this concept and believes every specialist should work within their individual comfort level with the right practice.