Introducing the Synergy Academy: A New Way to Expand Your Dental Business

Comprehensive dental practices are booming, how to avoid pitfalls when offering more services in-house rather than refer patients out to other providers with the Synergy Academy.

Sikka Software Corporation analyzed data of over 12,500 dental offices and reported the average number of oral and maxillofacial surgeries per dental practice per month has increased from 24.92 in 2010 to 29.25 in 2016. Dentists realize that not offering a variety of comprehensive and elective treatment options is lose-lose. The patient loses by not having all the possible services performed in one familiar place, while the practice loses diverse revenue streams.

Synergy Academy is helping our network in thinking beyond hygiene and restorative services.  Practices that offer high-quality treatment plans reach their financial goals without increasing new patients and patients benefit immensely from dentists who can convey and deliver comprehensive care. Dentists are breaking the hamster wheel cycle of new patients by providing a broader menu for existing patients who already know and trust their practice.

Periodontal treatment is an example of an under-diagnosed under delivered but needed services. Dr. Roger Levin states “Periodontal disease is an epidemic. According to many studies, more than 60 percent of patients who visit a dental practice once a year have some level of periodontal disease. This is consistent with Levin Group studies, which found that over 70 percent of all dental practices do not perform full-mouth probing and recording regularly, such as periodontal probing, are not offered in more than 70 percent of general dental practices”. This is despite that fact it is a leading indicator of potential periodontal problems, heart disease, and other medical conditions.

Periodontal treatment being incorporated by general dentists include more than hygiene procedures. Tissue grafts, crown lengthening, and implants are within the scope of most general practitioners when they AND their staff are trained to effectively perform these procedures. The training to adapt comfortably into practices requires more than a PowerPoint lecture format.

Changing your practice’s treatment paradigm is not an overnight feat. New procedures take time to assimilate with staff training and acceptance which is critical to adoption. The impact on all the job roles from billing considerations through the dental hygienist’s role is a shift from the manual role of cleaning to a role of overall oral health education. Expectedly, we have found that many of the dental offices we work with require assistance on the path to organizational change. This assistance is not the same for all offices as some dentist prefer to leverage our traveling oral specialists and others want to control the entire patient experience and learn how to provide the additional services themselves.

Until recently the options for learning more oral treatment options were attending lecture courses, over the shoulder courses, hands-on courses using surgical models like pig jaws or live patient training in another country. The Synergy Academy was created from knowing that there is no better way to learning a new surgical technique effectively than “doing”, finding a way to get live, hands-on patient surgery is challenging. A PowerPoint lecture and chit chat about surgery will not produce an effective oral surgeon. One of the biggest considerations is that even if you mastered the new skills, most learning models for new procedures is done without your key players – your staff. The doctor returns to an untrained office team needing to build an entire support structure before the first patient is treated. The inexperienced leading the inexperienced is a repeating problem for adoption of new techniques, especially true for surgical procedures. It is no wonder most dentists have a hard time feeling confident in practicing their new knowledge until they have more training.


Here at Synergy, we already have filled a need by providing traveling oral specialist to dental offices. Now, for those dentists that are interested in learning how to offer these services themselves, we created the Synergy Academy for the series of Synchronized Dental Training courses designed for accelerated adoption. Our dedicated team of professionals that are top oral surgeons will travel to your office to train you and your entire staff. You will book real patients and work hand and hand with the expert to learn the techniques.

This program is beyond education – it’s “skill set transfer”. The fastest way to learn and adopt a new technology into a practice and with costs so low it is profitable day one. Some of our network has deemed this “the best deal in the history of dental CE”.

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To preserve independent dentistry from the threat corporate of dentistry expanding in our space.
To help grow your practice, help treat your patients with the ultimate best standard of care, and to expand your vision towards the future of dentistry.

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