Synergy Specialists Announces Exciting New Partnership with TSYS Bringing Convenient Payment Solutions to Clients

Synergy Specialists Announces Exciting New Partnership with TSYS Bringing Convenient Payment Solutions to Clients

Synergy Specialists, a support group that connects and integrates dental specialists with general dental practices, has announced the start of a partnership with TSYS (NYSE: TSS), a Fortune 1000 Company that provides integrated payment solutions specifically customized for the dental industry. TSYS offers ongoing assistance with PCI compliance and EMV-optimized patient payments for Synergy Specialists clients as well as 24/7 US-based customer support.

This relationship stands to greatly benefit Synergy Specialists clients who can enjoy software-based payment solutions that increase practice efficiency and free up time for front- and back-office staff.

For more details on exactly what TSYS brings to the table and how their services can assist Synergy Specialists clients, we spoke with Rob Carpenter. Rob is a national accounts manager in the dental division of TSYS. He has over 20 years of experience working with dental practices to learn and meet their needs regarding practice management and payment processing solutions.

You can contact Rob, your Synergy Specialists/TSYS consultant, at 980-598-5347 or

What does TSYS bring to dental practices in terms of payment management?

“TSYS brings a dental-specific program which bridges the entire revenue cycle – the dental practice, the patient, and the bank. It does so much, including keeping debit/credit cards on file for recurring payments, signature capture, and accepting all major credit and debit cards as well as ACH, eCheck, and FSA/HSA payments.”

“Our system is not only compliant, but it also offers incredible convenience and ease-of-use. The system will speak to any practice management system that posts to a ledger, so it automates everything. For example, recurring payments are automated. Also automated are items that the office manager posts to the ledger at the end of the day. Of course, this automation can eliminate hours of work for office staff and drive practice efficiency in terms of both time and processing costs.”

What about dentists who work in several different locations or practices with multiple dentists?

“This system ties everything together into one tidy package. Multiple locations and clinicians are not a problem at all. Our solution easily handles all aspects of payment processing and tracking in these situations.”

What sort of payment options does the TSYS system offer to patients?

“We’re all about convenience. Patients can pay in-person, over the phone, and online. They are able to make recurring payments, one-time payments, pay off past-due balances – really anything you could imagine. I should also point out that we provide these options, including online payment processing, at no cost to the dental practice.”

How do these convenient payment options translate into benefits for the dental practice?

“The system helps practices control their A/R days. Not only does it make payments easy to process, but it helps address the issue of patients who simply cannot pay in full at the time of treatment. About 40% of Americans are unable to cover an unexpected expense of $400 or more. Additionally, many of these patients will not qualify for CareCredit® or other healthcare financing. TSYS enables practices to set these patients up with payment plans featuring automatic recurring debits.”

“The ability to offer these plans is huge for dental practices. The patient leaves the office with a good feeling, knowing they’ll be able to afford their dental care, and the practice is able to minimize their A/R days and prevent their staff from having to spend time pursuing payments.”

Could you give us a real-world example of how TSYS provides convenience to dental practice office staff?

“Sure. Say a practice has several patients on payment plans. When the office manager walks into work in the morning, they’ll log into the system and receive email notifications about which payments are due and which patients have paid. The office manager then pops that into their ledger and gets on with their day. Everything auto-batches at the end of the day. There is no need to waste time on manual entries.”

So, bottom line, how much will this solution cost clients?

“This is a very important point. Implementing the complete TSYS solution does not cost Synergy Specialists clients anything extra! Zip. In most cases, we can actually save them money while fully implementing the system and providing PCI and HIPPA compliant hospital-grade equipment.”

TSYS was voted one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2018. Why do you think TSYS earned that honor?

“I believe TSYS was awarded this distinction due to our compliance, honesty, and transparency. TSYS is an industry leader with over 30 years of payment expertise and approximately $121 billion in processing volume. We’re also a public company, and as such, the company demands a highly ethical environment. We are accountable to our clients, our shareholders, many regulatory agencies, and our own strict standards of conduct.”