Inc. 5000 Announces Inclusion of Synergy Specialists on 2018 List of Fastest-Growing US Companies

The prestigious business list, Inc. 5000, recently announced its list of “The Most Inspiring Companies for 2018.” Synergy Specialists, a group that connects and integrates itinerant dental specialists with general dental offices, comes in at number 1080 on this tally of 5000 innovators that the Inc. publication considers “America’s Circulatory System.”


Inc. 5000 reports that this Los Angeles-based company has experienced an incredible 458% growth during the past three years. Led by CEO Darius Somekhian, Synergy Specialists acts as a matchmaker and resource center for dental specialists, such as periodontists, endodontists, etc., and general dentists. The company screens each party to ensure an outstanding fit and brings specialists into general dental practices, eliminating the need for general dentists to refer out their patients to distant or unfamiliar offices. On the specialist side, Synergy Specialists allows dental specialists to offer their services where these treatments are most in demand, increasing productivity for specialists willing to travel near their homes.

Mr. Somekhian offers one reason for the explosive growth seen from this model: “Synergy Specialists did not create the need to connect specialists and general dentists, but we are certainly riding the wave. Patients today demand convenience. They are not going to drive two or three hours to see a specialist. Rather, they want the specialist to come to them.”

Synergy Specialists’ business model has had a distinctly positive impact on the dental care industry, benefiting general dentists, dental specialists, and patients. And, as evidenced by recent phenomenal growth and inclusion on the Inc. 5000 listing, the company is doing incredibly well itself.